Aquatic Turtle Surrender

We are not currently taking in aquatic turtles, however, we are looking into options to be able to start soon. We are not currently able to accept them because there is such a high demand that we would not be able to properly care for all the turtles we would receive. As a small nonprofit that runs on donations, it is impossible at this time. They also are very hard to adopt out to a responsible home. Thank you for your understanding.

Even though we cannot take them in, we still want to help! Here are some options.

  • Do not release them under any circumstances! As much as it seems like the easiest option, it is very cruel for both your turtles and the environment.

  • Click here to read more about why releasing your turtles is unethical.

  • Post on local Facebook groups, there are many specifically for reptiles. The best place to start is Forgotten Friends Facebook page.

  • Reach out to botanical gardens or aquatic specific rescues.

  • If none of these are an option, feel free to message us and we will try to offer other solutions.

Thank you very much!