How You Can Help

Monetary Donations

In order to help as many animals as we can, we need your support. Any donation, of any amount, directly goes to providing care for a reptile or amphibian in need. Each animal we take in needs an enclosure, heating and humidity control, food, and much more. If you can’t donate, there are other ways you can contribute to our cause. You can still help by sharing our social media pages and by spreading the word about us!

Click "Donate to Atypical Animals Rescue" to donate. Thank you!

Items We Need

We also accept, and appreciate, any donations of supplies we can use, to help us tend to our rescues. Below, we will provide a list of items we will always need. If you have something that isn’t specified on the list, but you think would benefit us, please contact us!

  • Clean Newspaper/substrates

  • Tanks and enclosures

  • Snake racks

  • Heating mats/bulbs/etc

  • Thermostats, hygrometers, thermometers

  • Decor items, hides, etc.

  • Healthy feeder insect colonies