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What happens when an animal is surrendered to Atypical Animals Rescue?

When an animal is surrendered to us we first monitor its health. If they are healthy, they still stay with us until we are 100% certain they are ready for adoption. We have a strict adoption process and will only adopt out an animal if we believe the adopter will take excellent care of them. Because of this, we do have permanent residents who stay with us for the remainder of their lives if we believe they will be best taken care of this way. If the animal is ill we take them to see our vet and nurse them completely back to health. Our animals will only be put up for adoption when they are completely healthy.

Where do my donations go?

Donations go directly to caring for the animals we rescue. Monetary donations are used to heat, feed, and vet the animals. An appointment with our vet costs $85 just to bring the animal. Treament easily exceeds $1000 for one animal. We also greatly appreciate donations of supplies like cages, decor, and heating equipment. We are a 501c3 non-profit, meaning we can only save animals with the generosity of animal lovers like you!